WordCamp 2017 Photos by JCC Posted

On a recent weekend, volutnteers organized and hosted a local convention on all things WordPress. The Jacksonville Camera Club handled the photography and post production of stills for the convention. This was both a great way to get experience and to support a community of WordPress developers. We get continuous help from the local WordPress community for ideas and solutions to issues with our website.
Kudos to Gordon Ira and Patrick McCormack who handled the heavy photography on the first day of the conference. The following is from Karena Kreger of Open Sky Web Studio, one of the WordCamp organizers.

The WordCamp Jacksonville photos are ready! You can view them on Flickr. A huge thank you goes out to Gordon Ira, Patrick McCormack and Young McQueen of the Jacksonville Camera Club (JaxCameraClub.com) for their time and effort.

Click Above to View Images


The conference was  supported in part by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit, and are known as WordCamps. You may visit their ad hoc website for 2017 by clicking the following logo:

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