Washington Oaks September Outing

Washington Oaks Outing
Washington Oaks Outing

 It wasn’t supposed to be a very pretty morning, but it didn’t turn out too bad. There was a little drizzle on the windshield as Rick and I motored down I95 to the Marineland Parking Lot.
When we got there, on the horizon there was a significant layer of thin clouds, just enough to cover up the  sunrise at 7:10


The moon was setting in the west and the wind was blowing, but it was otherwise quite clear with some blue skies. As we arrived just at the allotted time of 6:20, there were already a few cars at the end of the parking lot. After a little smoozing and settling up tripods and equipment, everyone took off. Rick and I went down to find the closest and the easiest rocks to get to. The light was good but the sun never made a dramatic entrance. I played with some exposures and different high ISO’s and never got anything that was any better that the other 30 times that we’ve been there.

Since it was getting light, it was time to light up the drone and see what it would do. It worked great. With its advanced GPS capability, it had no trouble keeping its position with the strong wind. There was only one problem. Someone had forgotten to put in the Sd card and even though I pushed the button, no picture appeared. The screen said “No Sd Card”. Sob!.

We had 11 folks brave the outing, George and Mary, Andrea, Brian, Phil, Chuck and his surfboards, Rick, Celia, Young, John, and me.

As usual though the camaraderie was exceptional and it was the climax of another unusual accomplishment of getting up at 4AM and taking another sunrise at Washington Oaks.

Gordon   (send me candids and I’ll add them to this post)

Sunrise by Rick
Sunrise by Rick

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