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Everywhere you look the Jacksonville Camera Club offers opportunity for learning about photography. Critiques from the judges of your photo contest entries, discussions with other members at meetings and outings, website postings of problems and solutions and a quick phone call to someone you know who uses the same camera. These are serendipitous exchanges  but there are formal educational efforts too. Do read on——

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Club Programs

Every month the club hosts two educational programs at the bimonthly meetings. These vary widely.  The benchmark of a good program is how much you learned.
The program presenter is often a professional photographer who is an expert in Landscape, Portrait, Pet, Macro or another area of photography or a related skill.


Education Via the Internet

Our website is dedicated to helping our members bridge the gap to the wealth of educational opportunities available on the internet. This is an effort that is ongoing and should reap great rewards for our members.


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Serendipity as Education

You put a group of photographers together, especially a group of avid photographers with varying interest and skills and the possibilities are endless. It just happens. We all benefit from this wonder.



Every year the club has a selection of workshops on various subjects. Some recent and upcoming subjects are: Matting and Framing, Beach Portrait Photography, Still Lifes (theory and practice), Photoshop and Lightroom processing.


Photo Outings

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Photo Contests

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Photo Education

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Club Meetings

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