Finding and Identifying Birds with Jim Angelo

By Craig Shier | Apr 7, 2024

At our last meeting, Jim Angelo gave a presentation on finding and identifying birds. He showed us a number of sites that give detailed information about what species have been found at various locations and when they are active there. […]

New Club Facebook and Instagram Accounts

By Craig Shier | Mar 28, 2024

We are happy to announce new Facebook and  Instagram sites for Jacksonville Camera Club. We will showcase everyone’s work, stories, tips, topics, outings, event calendars, etc. We hope this will enhance our communications with members and help us reach area […]

March 7 – Bird Photography – Beyond the Basics

By Craig Shier | Feb 17, 2024

Mark Hodgson will present our program on March 7. He will begin by discussing how to find the best bird photography locations, when is the ideal time to visit them, and how to find out about up-to-the-minute conditions at each. […]

Eclipse Photography Seminar – online

By Craig Shier | Feb 11, 2024

Renowned Photographer Lisa Langell and Eclipse Experts Les Anderson & Mary Anderson are presenting a live webinar this week on how to Photograph The Total Eclipse that will occur April 8, 2024! Although this seminar is scheduled for 15 Feb […]

St. Augustine Birding and Photo Fest

By Craig Shier | Feb 11, 2024

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Share and Discuss – Program for 15 Feb

By Craig Shier | Feb 2, 2024

The club is need of ideas for programs for the rest of 2024. Our President asked members to come to the next meeting on 15 Feb prepared to suggest presenters or to volunteer themselves to provide a program. Other options […]

Program – Feb 1 – Reading the Story

By Craig Shier | Jan 18, 2024

How often does a judge say, “This image tells a story” and then says nothing more or reads a different story than the one you see? We will view documentary images and explore questions like: What does the image say? […]

Voyage to Antarctica with Dan Robusto on January 18

By Craig Shier | Jan 8, 2024

At our January 18 Program, Dan Robusto will be giving a presentation about his extended voyage to Antarctica. On that voyage, he also explored South Georgia and the spectacular Chilean Fjords as well as The Falkland Island archipelago, home to […]

January 4 Program

By Craig Shier | Dec 29, 2023

The program for our next meeting, January 4 will be two mini-presentations: Auto Bracketing and HDR by Bill McSherry Why I also Shoot Film by Robert Clark Happy New Year Hoping to see you there.

Annual Awards Banquet 2024

By Craig Shier | Dec 8, 2023

Information for the JCC Annual Awards Banquet on February 11th, 2023.

Photoshop Virtual Summit 5 — October 30 thru November 3

By JCC Education Chair | Oct 14, 2023

5-day Photoshop Virtual Summit coming soon. 10/30- 11/3

Basic Workflow in Lightroom

By Craig Shier | Sep 2, 2023

At our September 7 Meeting, we will have a chance to learn and discuss basic editing in Lightroom. Lightroom can be intimidating, but there are ways to simplify your workflow and focus on your vision for an image. Many of […]

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