The Weekly May 14, 2023

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The Weekly is a publication of the Jacksonville Camera Club. It provides a heads up of the coming events and announcements of a timely nature. It contains both Club events and other items of interest to members. If you have feedback or something to announce please see directions in the sidebar. Thanks for reading.

Coming Events

Our next meeting is May 18

- During the last Photoshop Virtual Summit that dealt with creativity, a photographer and photoshop teacher, Glyn Dewis, did a class entitled How Photoshop Saved Me from Losing My Mind. I reached out to Glyn and got his permission to allow us to view his class at our next meeting on May 18. The class deals with a few Photoshop techniques, but it is more about photography and "having a project." I really enjoyed this class so it will be the topic of the May 18 club meeting. See you there!

Miscellaneous information

- The Club Facebook page now regularly features a photo challenge.  A different theme will be announced, and members are encouraged to submit a photo to that theme.   There are no winners and no points will be awarded.  This is just a chance to show off your work.

- Another photo opportunity will be on May 13 and 14 in Callahan, The Jacksonville Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held.  There is a daily fee for entry. 

People's Choice Categories for the rest of 2023

The remaining 2023 People's Choice Categories can be found Here.  

Also the April People's Choice entries and winners can be found HERE.

Our new webmaster, Craig Shier, is updating the Contest Galleries and they are looking GREAT! The main page for Galleries. (click on Galleries and you will go there.)


To view all upcoming events, including future Meetings, Outings, Contests, etc.,  please visit the Schedules page on our website.

Club Contests

The next print competition starts in April.  Prints will be collected at both April meetings.


Educational Opportunities

all this information with links can be found on the Education page


The Photoshop Creativity Virtual Summit has ended. For the few classes I was able to watch, I found it useful. As mentioned at the last meeting by Ted Floore, Adobe programs, Lightroom (all flavors) and Photoshop have all been given new updates. Lightroom and Camera Raw now include a DeNoise button that is found in the Detail section of both programs. DeNoise uses AI to remove the noise. According to Greg Benz the developer of Lumenzia, a luminosity masking panel, Adobe's new DeNoise is "incredible." Greg has a video discussing Adobe DeNoise on this page. Additionally I discovered another very recent additional DeNoise tutorial from Colin Smith of Photoshop Cafe.

Also there are new online classes on photography in May that members should check out on the Education page.

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