The Weekly January 1, 2023

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The Weekly is a publication of the Jacksonville Camera Club. It provides a heads up of the coming events and announcements of a timely nature. It contains both Club events and other items of interest to members. If you have feedback or something to announce please see directions in the sidebar. Thanks for reading.

Coming Events

Next Meeting: Happy New Year -- January 5, 2023

Our next meeting at SOTW Southside takes place on January 5, 2023


To view all upcoming events, including future Meetings, Outings, Contests, etc.,  please visit the Schedules page on our website.

Club Contests

People's Choice: The People's Choice contests for the January 5th meeting is "Red Lights". If you are thinking about February and March, the topics will be "General" for February and in March it will be "Winter in Florida". The meeting dates for  February and March will be on the 2nd of each month.

Educational Opportunities

all this information with links can be found on the Education page

There are several new tutorials/classes available on the Education page.  On Dec. 28 and on Dec. 17 I posted videos from PhotoPills about what to shoot in 2023 and shooting lighthouse and stars at night. They both look like good tutorials and will not only give you ideas for the coming year but if you are into night shooting it may be just the ticket for you. It can be found here. Scroll down to the second group of tutorials and it will be the top one. Also, Blake Rudis of f64 Academy has a new tutorial about using the color curves inside the curves adjustment. It is quite comprehensive and worth looking at. I personally don't think this is for Photoshop beginning users, but if you have used curves to adjust your images, I think you can handle it. The tutorial is quite comprehensive and explains the color theory behind adjusting color quite well.

Additionally Matt Kloskowski has published templates for creating calendars for 2023. These free templates are available here.  And he includes a tutorial video as well.

The Education Chair updates online classes as they become available. 

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