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The Weekly is a publication of the Jacksonville Camera Club. It provides a heads up of the coming events and announcements of a timely nature. It contains both Club events and other items of interest to members. If you have feedback or something to announce please see directions in the sidebar. Thanks for reading.

                               Upcoming Information

Monochrome Print Results

Monochrome results will be presented at our next meeting, October 16

4th Quarter Prints

Prints will be accepted at the October 16 meeting.



                                       Member Gallery Spotlight

Each week we will feature a different member's gallery.  This week is Jon Montigny!





                                       Member Gallery Past Features

Miss a week?  Check out these past features!

Chuck Shealy -

Keith Garrett -

Julius Dean -

Brian Leonard -



Happy Birthday to Our Club Members!

Gail Means - October 7

Happy Birthday Balloons, Plastic, Happy Birthday, Color

We'd love to help celebrate your birthday with the club!  This form is completely optional, but we'd love it if you could complete it in order to share your birthday (just month and day) with us. Use the form below to tell us the big day!

Birthday Form

Help Wanted

There is almost always a job within the Club that needs filling. Have your request show up here.


Quote of the Week

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”

- Bruno Barbey

Contribute to The Weekly

Have news of a timely nature or an event that is interesting to photographers. Just complete the form via the green button.

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