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The Weekly is a publication of the Jacksonville Camera Club. It provides a heads up of the coming events and announcements of a timely nature. It contains both Club events and other items of interest to members. If you have feedback or something to announce please see directions in the sidebar. Thanks for reading.

Coming Events

To view all upcoming events, please visit the Calendar and Schedules on our website.

Open Week, Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 5th

Our in-person meetings have resumed! Our next meeting takes place on Wednesday, August 5th. Click here to read about the meeting guidelines and virus protocols that we must follow.

People's Choice

The July contest winners for the Food theme have been announced.  See the blog or the people's choice contest gallery page for details - congratulations to the winners!

1st place: Peperoncini, by Tim Davis







2nd Place: 1st Course, by Karen Sirnik







3rd Place: Raw Ingredients, by Paula Griffin

Our August people's choice contest theme will be "Close-up".  Get your images ready, because the contest will once again be virtual, and the entry dates will be August 2nd - August 7th.  Stay tuned for detailed instructions!

2020 Schedules

To view all upcoming events, please visit the Calendar and Schedules on our website.

F3C Digital Competition Announcement

The F3C 2nd Triannual Digital Competition is open for entry through July 31. Contest entries are made via the website, F3C.ORG. You must be a registered member of the F3C in order to participate. Contact Julius Dean if you have any questions.

Educational Opportunities

This week's photography webcasts and tutorials...

There's a new page on the JCC website that lists new tutorials and webcasts. Find the list of upcoming classes on the JCC website: When > Schedules > Virtual Events Click here to go to the new Virtual Events Schedules

The Art of Landscape Photography Webcast

Monday, August 10, 2020, at 7p.m., a webinar featuring landscape photographer, Dr.Kah-Wai Lin offers tips in seeing the unseen and crafting better images in landscape photography: how to use the lights to create visual emotion; how to use long exposure to create visual dynamism; how to use field of vision to create visual perspective; and how to use composition to create visual continuity and story.

Use the link below to register for the webinar. The session will last 1.5 hours with Q&A following the presentation.

Information of Interest

Chat Forum is Live!

We are testing a new feature of the website.  You must be registered for the website and logged in to view this new Chat Forum.  On the members menu, you'll find a new option for this page.  Click on the "Chat Forum" menu option (to the right of "Nexus").

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, we want to give all club members a way to stay in touch, even if virtual is your personal choice.  The only information found there will be created by other users, so give it a try!

There are going to be "bugs" in this system.  Please let the Webmaster know if something isn't working properly.

P.S. - ALL formal club information will still be communicated on the website Blog and Schedules pages, via direct email, and/or through this newsletter, The Weekly.

Club Facebook Page

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Don't forget to check back with our Blog Page often. There is good information posted frequently that you won't want to miss!


Happy Birthday to Our Club Members!

Happy Birthday Balloons, Plastic, Happy Birthday, Color

Happy July Birthdays to Tina Jordan (July 7), Brian Leonard (July 12), Anita Fanic (July 19) and Michelle Argus (July 23)!

We'd love to help celebrate your birthday with the club!  This form is completely optional, but we'd love it if you could complete it in order to share your birthday (just month and day) with us. Use the Birthday Form to tell us the big day!

Photograph of the Week

There are some great amateur photographers in our backyard.  Have you been following Salt Life's "Salty Photo Contest"?  Have you entered?  No?  You should!!  You could win gift cards to the Salt Life Food Shack!  Check it out!

Last week's entries were "Salty Dogs"...adorable!

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