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The Weekly is a publication of the Jacksonville Camera Club. It provides a heads up of the coming events and announcements of a timely nature. It contains both Club events and other items of interest to members. If you have feedback or something to announce please see directions in the sidebar. Thanks for reading.

COVID-19 Statement

The club's bi-monthly meetings are suspended until further notice.  Please stay home, and stay safe!

Coming Events

To view all upcoming events, please visit the Calendar and Schedules on our website.

2nd Triannual Digital Contest is Open!

The 2nd Triannual Digital Contest is now open.  To enter, log in to the website, find the Contests menu then click on Enter the Digital Contest.  Follow the instructions on the page, and when ready to submit, find and click on the big green button at the bottom of the page called "Click Here to Enter the Competition". Contact the Digital Chair with any questions at  Good luck!

April Outing - RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Covid Home Challenge"!  Read the Blog Post to find the link to the gallery of all submissions.

The #1 liked photo belongs to Jon Montigny, with 8 likes!  Here is what he had to say about the image:

"Cocktail hour this evening, my wife and I were sitting on our deck when this osprey flew in and perched high in a pine across the pond. Knowing it was feeding time I went in and got my camera. Ten minutes later the osprey hit the water and came up with this bass. When they come out of the water they always hover for a second to shake off the water. Fun to capture that moment even if the sun was backlighting."

Why Didn't I Win A Ribbon?

Christine Cook and FCCC are offering a free educational program to JCC members.
The Zoom session will be anonymous critiques of entries which did not win an award from 4th quarter, 2019.

The Zoom meeting will be held on June 3, 2020, at 4::30p.m. If you would like to join the group, register on the JCC blog "Why Didn't I Win a Ribbon", or use the link below. If you have registered, information and a link to the meeting will be sent to you.

Registration Link

2020 Schedules

Please keep a close eye on the Schedules page for information about our changing programs, contests and outings. Jeff Garbow, our new program chair, along with his program committee are hard at work creating new dates for some of our past programs.  Please be patient as we work through all of the details during this challenging time!

Educational Opportunities

This week's photography webcasts and tutorials...

There's a new page on the JCC website that lists new tutorials and webcasts. Find the list of upcoming classes on the JCC website: When > Schedules > Virtual Events Click here to go to the new Virtual Events Schedules

Lens Workshop: Postponed

It has become necessary to postpone this upcoming workshop. Please sign into the JCC website, choose BLOG for workshop information.

Information of Interest

Chat Forum is Live!

We are testing a new feature of the website.  You must be registered for the website and logged in to view this new Chat Forum.  On the members menu, you'll find a new option for this page.  Click on the "Chat Forum" menu option (to the right of "Nexus").

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, we want to give all club members a way to stay in touch, even if virtual is your personal choice.  The only information found there will be created by other users, so give it a try!

There are going to be "bugs" in this system.  Please let the Webmaster know if something isn't working properly.

P.S. - ALL formal club information will still be communicated on the website Blog and Schedules pages, via direct email, and/or through this newsletter, The Weekly.

Club Facebook Page

Make sure to like our Facebook Page for activities of interest, winning photos, and more!


Don't forget to check back with our Blog Page often. There is good information posted frequently that you won't want to miss!

Glennie Salon - Results!

JCC received two Honors awards at the 2020 Glennie Salon from our 10 submissions. Bronwyn Horvath, for "Baby Fur Seals Playing" and Marek Pawlowicz for "Just Smell the Roses". To view the winning images and to see a gallery of all submissions, visit the blog.  Congrats to Bronwyn and Marek!

People's Choice

The People's Choice contest will be on hiatus as long as we are unable to meet in person, but please keep taking those pictures! The first meeting we get together the theme will be Food and the meetings after that we will continue the themes in date sequence until we are caught up. Please refer to People's Choice under competitions for Guidelines and Themes.


Happy Birthday to Our Club Members!

Happy Birthday Balloons, Plastic, Happy Birthday, Color

Happy May Birthdays to Tim Laborde (May 12) and Karen Sirnick (May 25)!

We'd love to help celebrate your birthday with the club!  This form is completely optional, but we'd love it if you could complete it in order to share your birthday (just month and day) with us. Use the form below to tell us the big day!

Birthday Form

Quote of the Week

"March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers."



This year Cinco De Mayo falls on a Taco Tuesday.  Celebrate in style!

Contribute to The Weekly

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