The Board Approves Three Amendments

The board approved the following three amendments to the By-Laws.  This as well as the email generated, will serve as the official notification required in the Constitution.  We will have take comments and answer questions prior to voting on the amendments at our July 17th meeting.  A majority vote is required for approval.  The three amendments are:

Amendment of the Bylaws

Amendment to Article III Para I

Nominee’s to the Nominating Committee should have a general knowledge of the membership and club operations.

Note:  This will be inserted after sentence two.


Amendment to Article III Para I


A member of the nominating committee cannot be nominated as an officer or director and remain on the nominating committee.  The current officers and directors must appoint a replacement to the nominating committee by a majority vote of the attending board members.  This vote can be in person, by email or conference call.

Note: this amendment will be placed after the previous amendment listed above.


Amendment to Article III Para IV


The newly elected officers will be installed during the first scheduled meeting the following January.  The officers and directors, other than the President, may serve up to 4 consecutive one-year terms.  The Treasurer and the Secretary positions will be elected annually but will not be subject to term limits.

Note this amendment will replace paragraph IV in its entirety.

Note: These are amendments to the Bylaws and require publication or a separate mailing (we will send notification by email and posting to the announcements on the website).  The amendment will be discussed at our July 17th meeting and a majority vote is required to approve these changes.

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