St. Augustine Sunrise, Downtown, and Distillery

St. Augustine  –  July 27, 2019

Our July and August outings will be combined into one outing on Sat., July 27th.

NOTE: The gallery for this outing is available here:  St. Augustine – 19-07-27


St. Augustine Sunrise

Sunrise at the Fort

We will meet at the parking lot at the fort whose official name is the  Castillo de San Marcos.   We will begin at 6:00 to allow for photos in the dawn light.  Opportunities include the fort, the Bridge of Lions, and the boats that are harbored in the river.  Sunrise will be at 6:30.   Parking at the Fort is free until 8:00 so no need to feed the machine just for sunrise.

Google Maps: Castillo de San Marcos




Downtown Walkabout

After sunrise you can continue to photograph in the area of the fort, or come along and roam the streets around the downtown area.  The early light and the fairly deserted streets are an opportunity to capture the architecture without all of the people.  Sunlight and shadows on the buildings are also more pronounced due to the low angle of sunlight.

Cafe Lights on George Street



Breakfast at Georgie’s

Georgie’s Diner

We will have breakfast at Georgie’s Diner around 8:15-8:30.  They do not take reservations but they should be able to accommodate us at that time.  The address is 100 Malaga St. and there is sufficient parking.  Here is the Google Map Link: Google – Georgie’s Diner






The St. Augustine Distillery

Guess where this was taken

The St. Augustine Distillery resides in the building that housed the original St. Augustine Ice House.  We are scheduled for a private tour at the at 10:15 for 30-45 mins.  Please arrive when they open at 10:00.  The tour is free.  The address is 112 Riberia St.  After the tour ends you can continue to photograph bottles, glasses and other distillery paraphernalia in the gift shop.  Google Map Information: Distillery Map Location

For questions, please contact Anita Fanic: (215) 317-7663 or

A List of those registered is here:  Registration List


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