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Another company supporting our Digital Contest System has folded. The German company, CloudWok, is ceasing operations as of March 31 of this year. That drives us, yet again, to revise our Digital contest. The new process will be easier for you and harder for the Digital Chair.


The following form will register your entries and allow you to upload your images in one step. The filename structure is changed to reflect the form's double purpose. The form will create a filename from your input. This will allow you to copy and paste from the form to create your image filename and will result in a lower error rate. It is important to note that the generated filename is only as accurate as your input. Your name is no longer in the filename. The final filename structure looks like this:

YYYYQnTx-My Image Title.jpg

Examples for 2018, Quarter Two, Themes A, B, and C—

2018Q2TA-My Outing Theme Image Title.jpg

2018Q2TB-My Panorama Theme Image Title.jpg

2018Q2TC-My Window Light Theme Image Title.jpg

Please insure your final entry has dashes (-) as shown; no dashes between words in your title and Capitalization and extension (jpg) to match the above.

Image Size Restriction (this is new):

The program limits the image size to two (2.0) MB. Some programs are not very accurate in this so a little cushion may be prudent. The pixel size restriction is lifted. Please be aware that any height over 1080 px or width over 1920 px does not add to the viewing resolution.

01 Digital Contest Entry Registeration and File Upload

01 Digital Contest Entry Registeration and File Upload

Choose the correct year of the contest. If you choose "TEST" the entry will be ignored
Choose the correct quarter of the year.

File Name Creation - One

For theme designated "A" choose "TA" (Theme A), etc.

File Name Creation - Two

File Name Creation - Three

Maximum file size: 9MB

Please stop and compare your image filenames to those you created above. They must exactly agree in format. Remember only letters and numbers except for the "-" dashes in the above file names. Your entry needs to be in jpg format and to not exceed Two (2) mg in size. (Pano theme limit 9 MB) By entering you certify your entry conforms to the rules and limitations noted on the website.

Red Square Blocks the "Remove Me" Link
If the Red Square blocks the "Remove Me" Link, move your cursor to the bottom of the red button and you can barely see the "remove me".  When you hover until the "remove me" is selected, click and the image will be removed and you may proceed.
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