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Inside the Opera House, by Tanya Metaksa

Well after being corrected at the meeting from many attendees, I finally found my Education questionnaire responses. Thank you to all who responded. If you have not answered the questionaire, it is still awaiting your input. All comments are welcomed.

As of February 25. 2021 we had 11 responses. In response to which post-processing software was being used: Both PS and LR =4, Photoshop=2, Photoshop Elements=3, Lightroom=1, and NIK=1. Everyone who answered said they shot in RAW. The next question that had similar responses was “Which software would you like to know more about?” 6 answers chose “Both Photoshop and Lightroom”, while the remaining 5 choose Photoshop. The free form answers to the question, “What type of post processing education would be most helpful?” included layers and masking requested by five respondents, while other responses included–workflow, printing, file resizing and one member was looking for videos on the internet that would be useful.

At the February meeting I was asked a question about the website Kelby One that promotes training for photography and photography related products. After trying to answer the question in the atmosphere at the end of a JCC meeting, I decided that my next blog entry would include my perceptions and opinions about photography and photographic software training websites.

As I mentioned in the first Education Blog post, I will be putting together a “member approved post processing link referral chart.” At the bottom of the Education page, (yes, you need to scroll down,) there is a “Post Processing Reference Links.” This is just an initial listing and over the next few months I hope to add some more targeted links. Next to that chart is one for Gear Reference Links and we will be adding some information on neutral density filters in that chart as Anita Fanic suggested we should bring one to her ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) workshop in April. So stay tuned for info on neutral density filters.

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