Q4 2018 Digital Contest Results / Q1 2019 Contest Info

Thanks to Ginger Sheridan & JU Student Judges!  

Ginger Sheridan, Photography Professor at JU, and her students judged the Q4 digital contest.

View all the entries and the results using the links below:

General Entries

B&W Cityscapes


The first digital contest for 2019 is all set.

The themes for Q1 are General, Architecture and Environmental Portraiture.  The entry dates are January 1-31, 2019.  Do you need an explanation of the themes?  Click Here for Theme Description

Our judge will be Mary Atwood, a Master Photographer who gave an excellent program at JCC a few years ago on Florida architectural history.  Click Here for Mary Atwood's Website & Bio

You haven't entered because you don't understand how to complete the entry process?   We are eliminating that problem.  Make an appointment with the digital chair to enter your photos for you. Need more info on that? Click Here for Digital Contest Entry Assistance

You haven't entered because you don't like the theme choices (General isn't general enough?) or you are busy binge-watching your favorite Netflix series or you'll never be as good as Susie Q? Please! No one will ever be as good as Susie Q!   We can't help you with any of those types of excuses,  but if anything else is stopping you from entering the digital contests, speak up and assistance will be offered.

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