2023 Updates for JCC’s Print Competitions

At the January 5, 2023 JCC meeting I discussed a few ideas to reduce the amount of handling that is required to prepare prints for delivery to a judge and for later presentation. The idea is to better protect your photos from incidental damage during the process.

  1. It is recommended (but not required) to use a clear plastic protective sleeve to better protect your print. If you choose to use one, please ensure the official label is affixed to the outside of the plastic sleeve. The print chair requires access to the label and having to remove the print from the sleeve defeats its purpose.
  2. There is a new version of the print label to use. Rather than including the maker’s name, the label now requires the maker’s JCC Member Number instead. Previously, the print chair would have to handle each print to obscure the maker’s name to keep him or her anonymous to the judge. Now, using the member number retains the anonymity while greatly reducing the amount of handling. The new label can be conveniently reached via links on the “Label and Upload” page on the website during submission of the digital version and is also linked here for convenience: 2023 Label. To find your JCC Member number, visit the JCC website and select Nexus/Membership List (or use this link: Membership List)┬áto find your entry. Your JCC Member number is located above your name in your membership record.

This new process goes into effect immediately. If you have any questions about this process, please contact me at: jcc.print.contest@gmail.com.

Tim Davis
JCC Print Chair


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