Print Contest Gallery 2021

Presented here are the entries of the JCC's print contest thus far this year. Clicking on the image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted theme. The layout within Google Photo is controlled by that program. If there is a PowerPoint presentation from the JCC program it is available from a PPP link shown.

You may comment on the post at the bottom. You may comment on individual images on Google Photo by clicking the comment icon. Enjoy.

1st Triannual

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Judge: Kathryn De Young

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  • First Place – Bill McSherry, Functional Beauty
  • Second Place – Lloyd Granat, Begging to Be Fed
  • Third Place – Lloyd Granat, Portrait of a Brown Thrasher
  • Fourth Place – Anita Fanic, An Elegantly Aging Lily
  • Honors – Karen Sirnick, The Square; Tim Davis, Jacksonville Terminal; Anita Fanic, Autumn in Vermont


  • First Place – Tim Davis, Coquina Coast
  • Second Place – Richard Bryce, Bonobo and Her Baby
  • Third Place – Anita Fanic, Portrait of a Limpkin
  • Fourth Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Blooming
  • Honors – Lloyd Granat, Cardinal in the Hibiscus; Bill McSherry, Mother and Child


  • First Place – Karen Sirnick, Uncivil
  • Second Place – Bill McSherry, Southern Gentleman
  • Third Place – Ted Floore, Fascination
  • Fourth Place – Silas Osborne, Man Flying a Kite
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