2021 2nd Triannual Print Contest Gallery

Presented here are the winning entries of JCC's 2nd Triannual print contest for 2021. Clicking on an image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted theme.

You may comment on the post at the bottom. You may comment on individual images on Google Photo by clicking the comment icon. Enjoy.

2nd Triannual Contest Gallery

Results Presentation

Judge: Jeff Crass

Judge's Commentary


  • First Place – Richard Bryce, Colorful Closeup Feathers
  • Second Place – Lloyd Granat, Sibling Rivalry
  • Third Place – Darrel Joseph, In the Old City
  • Fourth Place – Fred Raiford, Mail Pouch
  • Honors – Richard Bryce, Cattle Egret in the Trees; Fred Raiford, Potters Mark


  • First Place – Dave Wholey, A Visiting Coopers
  • Second Place – Paula Griffin, Ethereal Sea
  • Third Place – Richard Bryce, The Beauty of the Dance
  • Fourth Place – Karen Sirnick, Moonrise on Driftwood Beach
  • Honors – Fred Raiford, Hot & Cold Running Water


  • First Place – Paula Griffin, A Little Pause
  • Second Place – Darrel Joseph, Tree Trimmer
  • Third Place – Ted Floore, Looking for Clues
  • Fourth Place – Ted Floore, Fun on the Beach
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