2021 1st Triannual Print Competition

Collection Dates for the 2021 1st Triannual Print Competition are set for February 27th and March 17th, 2021.

Results Presentation is scheduled for May 19, 2021

The judge for the contest is TBD.

New for 2021, the Board has voted in a rule change to allow up to four (4) prints to be submitted for Print Contests (other rules remain unchanged). In addition, the submission process has been tweaked in an effort to operate the Print and Monochrome Contests identically. A new version of the Entry label still gets affixed to the back of the print and a digital copy of the photo must still be uploaded. All the rules and tools are available on the Print Contest page on the JCC website.

While you’re on the website, be sure to check out the posted dates for the remaining Print and Monochrome Contests, though all dates are subject to change.


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