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It appears that the number of post-processing trainers on the internet keeps multiplying like rabbits. One can spend hours watching videos on YouTube, but the question is which ones are worth your time and money. I was asked about a specific training program at our February meeting. The question I was asked was “What do you think of Kelby One?” I was able to answer it because I originally signed on when it was an adjunct of Photoshop Magazine, one of the few magazines devoted to explaining the software available 15-20 years ago. The price I paid for the subscription to a real magazine and an adjunct website was $100. The magazine in paper form is no longer and I miss it. It was something I kept and reread when looking for an answer to a Photoshop question. But now we have internet-only magazines and internet education has multiplied especially during the pandemic.

Over the years I have followed some internet trainers sporadically and others have really stuck. Ben Willmore is someone that I have followed for the past 7 plus years. I began with his Creative Live classes that I started watching in 2013. For me, he explained post-processing in the clearest manner and his explanations were the easiest to follow at that time. So I purchased some of his classes and watched as many as I could. Then in October of 2017 I discovered that he had developed a website called Masters Academy and I joined it. His pricing is on a yearly basis and he puts up a new tutorial for Photoshop/Lightroom every week at Monday at noon. Although, I personally do not know him and get absolutely no renumeration for my comments, I think he is an excellent teacher and well worth my yearly payment.

Additionally, he makes one of his classes free each month and it is his class choice. This month’s class is Working with Type and I have listed it on the Education page of the website under the Current & Future Tutorials section.

I hope to keep introducing fellow members to other online trainers as the weeks roll on. If there is someone you think deserves mention or has free tutorials that you found interesting, please let me know so I can add their information to the Education page.

I just realized that if you get to the Blog, the listing of all the Tutorials is not on that page. Listing of all the Tutorials is found here.


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  1. Learning Photoshop is an endless task. There is no better person to start with than Ben. In his latest series on CreativeLive he appears to speak faster than before. I don’t know if it is him or he is being manipulated by technology. In any case I have learned to listen to tutorials that are too fast for me at a reduced speed of 0.75 of normal. In any case, Ben is one of the best in both Photoshop and Lightroom. He has some older books out also.

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