Photoshop Virtual Summit 5 — October 30 thru November 3

I have written about the Photoshop Virtual Summit 5 for several months now. It is scheduled for October 30 through November 3, 2023. There will be 20 instructors who will be teaching 2 classes each. 

However, for those who are intimidated by the listing of classes, Dave Cross has scheduled a Free Beginners Mini-Course. The course will be available to anyone who signs up for a Free Pass to attend the Photoshop Virtual Summit 5 and/or VIP Pass Members. Once the course is available, you'll get a link to the free Beginners Mini-Course that will be available to watch (as often as you want) during the week of October 22 - 28th. This is the link to sign up for the Summit and the Free Photoshop mini-Course.

Some of the instructors have posted on their blogs some tips and tricks in order to get people signed up. Here is a list with links to those blog posts:

Instructor Blog Post Link
Glyn Dewis It’s Coming
Theresa Jackson PS Virtual Summit 5 FAQs
Tim Grey Photoshop Virtual Summit

It is free training with some very talented and good instructors.

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