Photoshop Updates, ND filters and internet guru-Matt Kloskowski

This blog was updated as of March 16…

For those members who are using Photoshop this past week included an update to Photoshop and Camera Raw that you might want to check out. 

Lightroom (the web based version)  was also updated. As of March 16 Lightroom Classic (the version where all your images stay on your computer or external hard drives)  was also updated and also Lightroom mobile for both iPhone and Android.  Laura Shoe, a Lightroom digital guru, has some information concerning what was updated: Here are the Laura Shoe pages for the various Lightroom products and the Adobe update page.

Lightroom Classic:

Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop 4.2 and Mobile 6.6:

What’s new in Lightroom: In order to view these updates you will have to restart your computer after downloading them from Adobe.

Don’t forget to restart your computer after updating.

Several weeks ago I said I would make information on  neutral density filters available. Here are several urls: CaptureLands, B&H Photo and Digital Camera World. Hope this helps.

Continuing with my favorite internet gurus–meet Matt Klowkowski. His website is and unlike Ben Willmore he does a lot of YouTube tutorials as well as full length courses which he sells. Matt has an interesting tutorial this week concerning the latest updates to Photoshop and Camera Raw. He even gives you a link to the adobe website for more information on the new Enhance addition. 

Post-Processing Internet trainers seem to follow two ways for monetizing their training. The first is the monthly fee website similar to Ben Willmore and Kelby One; the second is to sell training by the course. Matt Kloskowski follows the latter method so he has many free tutorials available online at and on his website. These tutorials, similar to most YouTube post processing videos, are his method for advertising his training courses.

Matt is primarily a landscape photographer who uses his own photographs in his classes. He began his career working for Kelby One as a trainer and then after several years he branched out on his own. His latest course is “Art of Editing Landscapes”. You can sign up for his mailing list and you will get 1-2 emails a week.

I hope to keep introducing fellow members to other online trainers as the weeks roll on. If there is someone you think deserves mention or has free tutorials that you found interesting, please let me know so I can add their information to the Education page.

We are in the process of updating the listing of online tutorials. The first block now ncludes Current & Future Tutorials as they become available or known to me. If you get updates about tutorials, please contact me at, so I can add them. The second block will be called YouTube Videos & Other Tutorials. This list will include videos recommended by JCC members that are online without a time/date requirement. Suggestions always welcome.

I just realized that if you get to the Blog, the listing of all the Tutorials is not on that page. Listing of all the Tutorials is found here.


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