Photographing Groups in Natural Light


July 14, 2018

Group Photography by Kathy Jaworski.  Kathy will show us her techniques and "tricks of the trade" for photographing groups in natural lighting, including hands on practice posing individuals, couples and small groups.

Workshop - Where, and When

Shepherd of the Woods Lutheran Church
July 14, 2018.  8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Lunch to follow at a nearby restaurant

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The Workshop

This workshop is designed to show you some of my “tricks of the trade” and actually get some hands-on practice posing individuals, couples and small groups. Bullet points will include:
1. Equipment – how to use what you already have in your bag,
2. Location – an open discussion about some of my favorite locations and what they had in common, with time to brainstorm a list of local hot spots here (since I’m still new to the area, too!),
3. Lighting – no, not studio hot lights or strobes, but rather how to use the sun, reflectors and fill flash to achieve a great portrait, and
4. Posing – sure, we’ll discuss the “rules”, but then we’ll break them and actually practice putting people together (and this will require some interaction…I’m not planning on bringing models, so we’ll practice together!)

About Kathy

"I opened my business, “Photography By K” in 2008, and began actually charging money to photograph children, families and high school seniors. I was excited about this, because up until this point, I had been the “designated photographer” of my family and friend groups, but no one ever paid me…once I realized people would pay me, I made a fast and furious list of new lenses to purchase!

I opened a full-time studio in 2012, but for the 4 years prior to that, my bread and butter was photographing people in public places like parks, in urban settings and even in their homes MOSTLY using only natural light. My approach was a relaxed one; I wanted to capture a moment in time for my clients, not create an artificial reality. I wanted to capture what that child or family was like on that particular day. I tended to GUIDE them into areas that I felt were appropriate for their personalities and then SUGGEST positions (rather than strict poses) that felt natural for them.

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