Phone Photography Program Report

Everyone had their phones out for our 2 August program meeting. While Bruce Hagstrom walked us through the paces of the iPhone camera app, frequent murmurs of “I didn’t know you could do that” were audible.

REMINDER: Before 12 August, please email 2 new (not old) phone photos to Bruce,, so he can put a slide show together for our next meeting.

Bruce provided the following lists of apps that you may find useful. The ones on the right in red are ones he has found useful. The ones on the left are ones that he thinks look useful.

If you have an app that you enjoy, please make a comment about it below.

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  1. I use Pro HDR X a lot for quick HDR snaps. It’s a lot cooler that the iPhone native camera app and has a manual mode. For those who like to shoot manual, there is ProCamera which lets you pick ISO and shutter speed. ProCamera also can set separate focus and exposure metering areas in the image.

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