Paynes Prarie State Park, La Chua Trail


The trail leads to the boardwalk on the La Chua Trail that leads on to the open prairie, sometimes over dry land, sometimes sometimes over water.

There will be many opportunities for wildlife including alligators, wild horses and the various species of birds may be seen. Landscapes are all around, hopefully the skies will contribute interest to the Florida prairie.


Date April 9th 2022
Time 9 AM

Admission Fees

$6.00 per car




4270 SE 15th Street, Gainesville FL

Contact -   Name of Leader
Dave Wholey  902 322 4004

Parking Info - Parking lot at the trail entrance

Entrance Info - Trail head parking lot


We do not have organized transportation for this event. Carpooling arrangements are handled between members.


Lunch will follow with participant sign up.



Schedule of Events

We are working to get an orientation from a park ranger at 9 AM to start the outing. It will be confirmed as soon as it is received.

We will continue on the trail on our own schedule with no additional planned event gathering back at trail parking lot by 11:30 AM or earlier if weather cuts us short.

Lunch to follow if requested.


This outing will present many opportunities for wildlife. Telephoto lenses, zooms if you have them are the best choice for wildlife here. Wide range zoom 24 to 120 mm or similar will do nicely for most other opportunities.

Tripods for depth of field landscape shooting are not restricted if you choose to carry one. Polarizers or NDs could be useful here based on your preferences in their use.

Other Tips

This is a walking outing over for the most part smooth ground but with some up and down sections. Most of the walking will be in open ground so, sun protection both in clothing and sun screen needs to be considered.

We need to carry anything we will want to have such as water or snacks.



There are two choices here. The most direct is I 10 west to US 301 S to FL 24 to Gainesville. There are potential delays both coming and going to Gainesville on this route due to road construction.

The other choice is I295 to Blanding Blvd S that becomes FL 21 west on FL 26 to SE 15th St to the trail head.

Either choice is handled well by GPS, both choices will have traffic impacts on the return leg.

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