WW Ranch MotoCross Park


Motocross racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch. Riders seem to perform death-defying turns and leaps. The effort used to control the bike is visible and the rider can be seen shifting his weight about to turn and maneuver the bike for maximum speed. The wheels often spin and spray up mud when a rider tries to control the traction of the bike.


WW Ranch MotoCross Park
1439 Otis Road, Jacksonville, FL 32220

MotoCross Park
MX Photos

We will meet at 9 AM Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 13th and 14th near the tables at the western end of the track.  


WW Ranch MX doesn't mind anyone coming out and taking photos but you must stay on the outside of the fence. 

From Gordon "Rick and I went out to scout WW this morning (12/19). It is a first class operation and we should get some great pictures.

The track is very large. There is spectator area all around it, so that we drove wherever we wanted, and took pictures right at the fence.  If the weather is nice, it should be a lot of fun."


Outing Dates:  Sat Jan. 13, and Sunday Jan 14, 2018

Practice  -      Saturday 9 AM - 2 PM
Race            -  Sunday    9 AM - 4:30 PM

$20 Saturday and Sunday
$10  Sunday only
$10 Saturday only **

**For JCC members only.   You must register by Jan. 7, 2018 so that we can send them a list of names.

Register Here

Registered Attendees to date (1/5):
Thomas Harper    Gordon Ira
Jan Vallely             Silvia Agreda-Kostin
Julius Dean           Mike Rexroad
Gail Means            Jim Gutru
Betty Raiford        Fred Raiford
Philip Delisle         Rick Hartman
Ed Wright              Betsy Raiford
Tina Jorda             Craig Shier
Charise Tanner

Contact:  Mike Rexroad

Home:     904-363-6435
Cell:         904-502-2004

Sunday: Silvia Agreda-Koskin
                   718 406 7908


Race Weekends:
**Bones II serves award winning BBQ!
**Wise Guys Pizza
 (** may not always be available) 

You can find Winn Dixie and the following restaurants at I-10 Exit 351
(Chaffee Road and I-10):

Cracker Barrel
Mr. Chubby’s
Perard’s Italian Cuisine
Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine


You can bring your own food, plus chairs and easy ups (canopies) if you like.

Track Amenities

WW Ranch MX  is racing the Living Life Series Round 4 and will have riders here for photographs.

WW Ranch MX has clean port o lets for the spectators. They also rent bleachers from the city for events and they have a large sign up building which can be used as shelter if needed. You can also bring your own food, chairs and easy ups (canopies) if you like.

Directions to WW Ranch MX from I-295 West Beltway

Exit onto I-10 W and drive 4 miles.
Take Exit 351 North onto Chaffee Road
Drive 0.3 miles, turn left onto S.R. 90
Drive 2.8 miles, turn right onto Otis Road
Drive 1.8 miles, WW Motocross will be on your right, immediately after crossing the Jacksonville-Baldwin rail trail.

Scroll down to see map.


MotoCross  or MX

Motocross is widely considered to be the world’s most popular form of motorcycle racing. Motocross is derived from a French term combining motorcycling and cross-country. Motocross tracks are usually made up of hills, dirt roads, and muddy tracks and turns. The size of the courses allows up to 40 riders to compete at the same time. In motocross, professional races are measured by time.


MotoCross  (cont)

Motocross racers must be extremely fit. The sport is very demanding on the arms, legs, shoulders, and glutes. The rider has to be able to keep control of his machine on a course that most people would have difficulty walking across. High-speed landings from a height of around twenty feet can slam the motorcycle and its rider. G-forces produced by these can test a rider’s endurance and strength to the limit.



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