Moving Forward!


With Kathy Jaworski's invaluable help the Education page is moving forward. We now have links to 1. Current & Future Tutorials. At the present time (2/20/21) we have included the Tim Grey conference and a photography 2-day event by B&H Phots on March 7 & 8. If anyone knows of any other tutorials, conferences or other such educational events happening, please drop me a line to either or and I will add them to our ongoing educational tutorial list.

2. We now have favorite websites and 3. Gear information. If you have any favorite websites for training or gear, please let us know. It would be very helpful to our members if you could add a short review of the website as well.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I have my favorites and will be adding them in the coming weeks. However, any member can request to add their favorites as well. This is your club, let's keep it moving forward! Additionally, please take a minute or so to answer the survey.

Hope to see you all at the meeting on the 24th of February!

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