More education for March 2022

March 9, 2022!

WOW! Just finished posting my latest blog entry about all the great classes at the beginning of March to now discover that there will be a Visual Storytelling Conference 2022 from March 10 - March 13, 2022. 

You can sign up here. The description of the conference states:

The Visual Storytelling Conference (VSC) is a multi-day, multi-track, online training conference featuring immersive, engaging content with experienced photographers and content creators in the field.

The conference kicks off with a series of technical boot camps to build essential skills. It’s followed by LIVE & INTERACTIVE online training sessions for all creatives!

I found out because I got an email from PhotoPills about the conference. It is free to watch and then you pay for different levels of viewing after. I signed up and will post any updates I get for club member information.


And PhotoPills, the app that helps you plan your photography, sent me an email entitled Best Photo Opportunities March 2022--They wrote:

In March there are a few cool events to photograph, including:

The Zodiacal Light, the Milky Way and Galactic Center, Venus at greatest eastern elongation, the Full Moon, the conjunction of Venus and Mars, the March equinox, the conjunction of the Moon and Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, the Messier Marathon, Sunrises, Sunsets, Star Trails and more!

The 12-minute video can be accessed here.  I will also add it to the listing below.

As I was just about to post this blog, I got an email from Dave Cross, the founder of the Photoshop Virtual Summit. Summit #4 will be the first week in May. The listing is in the table below.  A tentative schedule of classes is here. It looks fantastic! It's like a Who's Who of my favorite post-processing teachers.

March sure has come in like a lion!!!

PS - Some of you may recognize the Lion as living on The Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine.

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