Current Membership List

How to get the most out of this list

This list is very flexible to use. Since your needs determine which functions to use let's use examples to demonstrate its functionality.

We are working to get the missing data included.

How to use this form to update the information in the membership list.

First Step
Enter you name, First and Last on the form.
Second Step
Some fields are always visible on the form. Other only appear if you tell the form your want to update them in the third question: Fields to Update. Click any you wish to update. Then complete the update.
Third Step
Add any comments you wish. This form can be updated by the member or a surrogate. If completed by someone else please enter your name under submitted by. For the photo a jpg of 3X2 aspect ratio (landscape) of 450 px X 300 px works well on a normal hd monitor.

This information does not update automatically but requires some processing by a third party. It should appear in a few days.
For comments or questions please email:
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