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Guiding Notes –
Registration is open to JCC members only.
This new process is more involved but will result in enhanced security. You will only need to do this once.
Use this form to create your username and to request  a temporary password.
Please read the username requirements carefully. Usernames can be letters or letters and numbers— No Spaces and No Special Characters. Other guidelines are on the form itself.
Email addresses can only be used for one member.
Expect a reply within 72 hours.

New Website Registration Request

New Website Registration Request

JCC Members: Use this form to request your first login credentials with the JCC Website. This is a one-time event. You should never have to do this again.

If you want your name to include initials please include them within the First Name field. As in F. Scott or Harry S
Please note you may not use this email address for any other user name. If two share an email address you will need to have separate email addresses for both to be registered.
Please observe these restrictions: ↕ For security purposes please do not: ↕ Use FirstName only ↕ Use LastName only ↕ Use Initial and LastName ↕ Use FirstName and Initial ↕ Use FirstName and LastName ↕ Please do not use ALL CAPS ↕ You may use Letters and Numbers if you wish. Special characters (symbols and punctuation) and spaces are not permitted ↕ Please make the username a minimum of eight digits. Thanks.


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