Meet Greg Benz, a Luminosity Masking guru

Meet Greg Benz, the Luminosity Masking guru.

This is the fourth in a series of introducing JCC members to photography and post-processing trainers who are available on the internet. So far I have introduced Ben Willmore, Matt Kloskowski and Juilanne Kost. All of them have taught classes on Creative Live and been featured at many training seminars put on by Adobe and others. 

Greg Benz, on the other hand, does not have classes on CreativeLive and I do not know if he has been promoted by Adobe or any other conference organizer. I ran across him several years ago when looking for some information on luminosity masking. He has created a Photoshop panel, Lumenzia, in JavaScript to assist the Photoshop user to creatively develop and utilize luminosity masks. He has a lot of luminosity masking as well as other post-processing tutorials on his website.  Even if you are not into luminosity masking, his website is worth checking out. He certainly is an expert in Photoshop post-processing.

Greg has just introduced a new panel to Photoshop users–WebSharp Pro. This PS add on makes it almost foolproof for the user to take a finished image and “share your beautiful images” on social media with very little effort. I have been photographing some short term rental properties and sending the photographs to Airbnb and Vrbo during the last year. Every time things changed I had to re-prepare and re-upload the photos for the internet. All that was a chore.  But now with the advent of WebSharp Pro this job became much easier and in addition my I uploaded photos look much better as well. 

Unlike many plugin developers, Greg also gives the prospective purchaser an opportunity to try his products with free versions. I have no personal or commercial ties to Greg and do not know him personally.  However, I find his website, his tutorials and his products well worth my time and money.

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