Maximizing Depth of Field

After this week’s club meeting, Tom Eichling submitted the following article for distribution to the club:

Maximizing DOF I wrote about this in my blog a couple of months ago. I’ve been remiss in writing my follow up article because than one would be math mathematically complex. This one, not so much. And, from last nights meeting, I’ve found a substitute topic, the Zone system, 18% grey light metering, and exposure compensation. Now, I de Ansel Adams developed it (no pun intended)…. digital has removed the ability to (chemically) manipulate the image processing. Still, it’s a good blog topic for my web page, so I thank the club for that.”

Did that pique your curiousity?? If so, click here to head on over to Tom’s blog to read the full article!  Thanks for sharing your work with the club, Tom!

If you have any trouble opening that link, copy and paste the following into your browser’s address bar:

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  1. I update this blog on a semi-regular basis. There are now posts about Additive/Subtractive colors, Critical Aperture, Inverted/Reversed images (to be expanded on soon). The topic for my next one will be (as of now) on the Sunny 16 rule and variations to it.

    If anyone has a topic they’d like to see in the blog just send me a quick note with a brief description.

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