Mark Pariani’s Gift to JCC !

Mark Pariani gave an outstanding presentation on March 17, of architectural photography and creating mirrored images he terms "Reflections".  He taught us to search for interesting lines for mirrored images, the best lens to use in different situations and took us step by step through the mirroring process in PS.

Brian Leonard went downtown after the outing and got some good >shots and will hopefully add those to this blog.   I worked on an image from Old Car City of dead vines on a rusted car.    It doesn't look like dead vines after I finished with it......I'm not sure anything about it is recognizable !   It's interesting how your original image disappears when you begin to mirror it.

And, because Mark is such a nice person and really wants us to understand the process, he sent me this:

Below is a link to my presentation on Architectural Reflections. I added notes so it is easier to follow along with the process. You can download it for your files and share with anyone interested. I'll let you decide the best way to distribute it among the club members, but I will keep the presentation file in the dropbox folder so you could just distribute the link if you want.


See !  I told you he was nice!   This time your poor note-taking gets help from Mark !   BTW, if you double click on the line above (www.dropbox) it will open up Mark's entire presentation to JCC along with additional editing notes.

Please leave your thoughts about Mark's presentation and/or successes or failures with your mirrored image attempts below in the "Comments" section.

And because I know Mark frequents the JCC website, thank you very much, Mark, for the time and effort you put into your presentation.   It was excellent !!!


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