Mandarin Garden Club

Mandarin Garden Club

This is both an outing and a service project. It provides images to assist the Mandarin Garden Club in celebrating their 75th Anniversary and provides an outing to shoot flowers and plants.


Monday, May 25 through Sunday, June 7 — Dawn to Dusk
* Excludes Event Days on Weekends



Mandarin Garden Club
2892 Loretto Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Park Here

Free Parking – Spaces off entrance drive and next door at the Mandarin Masonic Lodge (when they have no event).

Image Formats and Other Details

The images you shoot and submit for the MGC will become part of a slideshow presentation. I recommend landscape orientation when possible, use you camera's native aspect ratio, you may include video if you wish and any variations such as panos. Feel free to capture wide, medium and close-up shots and any "artsy' effects if you choose. I would cover the basics first.

Please be sure to cover you assigned area and feel free to shoot what ever else you wish. The images' rights are yours but the rights to publish in the mentioned slideshow and on the MGC's website and/or newsletters will be given to the MGC. Credit will be given in a form determined by the MGC.

How to submit Images

You will receive upload information by email at a later date. Be sure you are registered.


Mandarin Garden Club –  Joyce Buscaglia, (281) 910-0672, is often around in the weekday mornings
JCC MGC Outing Leader – Young McQueen, (904) 217-2527,

Register for Outing

Historically guest were welcome at our outings. Again that is true but to submit images to be used by the Mandarin Garden Club you will need to be a JCC member. Registration is required to be assigned a principal location, within the garden, to photograph.

Principal Location Assignments

MGC Color Map01
MGC Color Diagram

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