LPIG Portrait Outing April 15, 2017

LPIG Portrait Outing

LPIG April 15, 2017
Under the Lights by Julius Dean

A three model portrait outing was held on April 15th, at Gordon’s house, the first time since the first one was held in 2013.

For the afternoon shoot, there were three models in three different locations. Two of the models, my grand-niece Elle, and Bill Coppedge’s granddaughter Annabelle were repeats from the first shoot. A favorite professional model of Craig Monroe’s was the third model. She was in the studio managed by Brian and myself and the other two managed by Craig Monroe (Elle), and Bill Coppedge (Annabelle), were inside the house and out using natural light with reflectors.

Suzi by Gordon

The weather was perfect, with just enough shade and shadow to get the most out of shots taken out under the tress and by the water.

Look at the  LPIG outing picture here You’ll see a LOT more in competition later.















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