LPIG No Show Clown Shoot

Bill McSherry
Bill McSherry by Gordon


The LPIG, the portrait, lighting, interest group, has its models booked up for the rest of the year, but we had a request from a professional clown to take some pictures for her portfolio and website. For such an opportunity, we scheduled an extra shoot to accommodate her, but guess what, no clown.


We had set up my main studio‚Ķnormally we meet in my shop which is larger, but not as cool in the summertime, and were all waiting. Rick Hartmann, Ed Wright, Bill McSherry, Don Dymer, and Irene Ward were there. After chatting, arranging lights, and waiting for 30 minutes we figured that we’d been stood up, so we decided to play a game. Everyone was to be a model and a photographer. Numbers were assigned and the next two hours were everything a portrait workshop should be. Lots of laughing, different poses, different lighting techniques, and different approaches to taking portraits.

As I’ve said many times, there’s a lot of talent in this club and for those of us that love photography, (and are “clickaholics”), sessions like this do not happen often enough.




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