Krystin Models for LPIG


LPIG September meeting

It was hot again and we were happy to be in the main studio. While there is not as much variability in lighting that the workshop members can make, it is certainly cooler.

Krystin was our model and she did a great job. She is very pretty, very nice , and quite willing to sit and pose for us as long as we wanted. She changed her outfit three times and we change the props several more times. There were twelve of us there and from the sound of the camera shutters going off, there should be several thousand pictures taken.

One of the things that we tried was a fixed hot light (not a strobe) with a fine grid to make the light less diffuse and make sharper shadows. This produced my favorite pictures of Krystin and also some of Bill McSherry who was substituting as the model while we were setting the light up.


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