Kristi Odom tutorial on 2/22/22 and some thoughts on online learning

Tomorrow, February 22, Photo Pills is sponsoring an online workshop with Kristi Odom at 1 pm EST. The link is here. On the bottom of the notice I received is this PS. When you click the link, you’ll access the Youtube page. On the cover image, you’ll see the Masterclass time in your local time. Also, you can click the bell icon to get a notification when we go live. Thanks!
I am making this blog post a special notice because I watched a Kristie Odom Zoom video with a Delaware club on Saturday evening (when everyone else was at the Banquet) and found her knowledgeable and charming. So I am sure tomorrow afternoon’s online event will be worth it. Also, usually Photo Pills adds the online tutorials to their Youtube channel and if they do, I will post it on the listing titled Virtual Workshops & Self-Pace Learning below this blog post. They did put the class on YouTube and it can be found here.

This past week I got a copy of our Membership Chair, Jan Wallely's, correspondence with a prospective member. Jan referred her to me for further information on educational opportunities available. I composed the enclosed email because in the prospective member’s query she said, “I have been watching some videos by nic stover, and recently checked out some of his recommendations for extra learning. But I have been wary of all the YouTube videos because I want to make sure I am getting quality information. So I really appreciate you forwarding me to your online education queen.” Her words not mine.

The line in which she states “I have been wary of all the YouTube videos because I want to make sure I am getting quality information” caught my attention and I believed I had to address her concern. I have tried in the past to point our members to some of my favorite instructors but I thought putting my thoughts in one post might be useful.


Yes, there is some reason to be wary of YouTube videos, but that is dependent upon the nature of the video. I have been learning about photography and post processing on the internet since I retired from my regular job almost 20 years ago. When I started there was very little available and most of it was not very useful.

Over those two decades I have managed to curate and refine my “go-to” teacher list. And thanks in large part to the “pandemic” I have discovered many more fine instructors who have had to go online to grow their training business. I can think of one really good instructor that started a “Live from Lockdown” live stream every Thursday at 1 pm. He is still putting up these tutorials as the lockdown appears to be slowly disappearing.

Jan has already mentioned Ben Willmore, one of my favorites, and Creative Live. Here is a list of my favorite Post processing instructors in no particular order: Ben Willmore, Colin Smith, Jesus Ramirez, Matt Klowkowski, Blake Rudis, Glyn Dewis and two people I just found Cole Thompson and Kristie Odom. All these instructors are great photographers and do have photography technique videos available. Many times getting on their websites can lead you to other teachers/photographers/artists who turn out to be very informative, creative and inspirational.

Additionally the manufacturer of your camera has a website that usually holds a lot of information concerning how to properly manage all the camera controls. You would be surprised how much information is contained on those websites. And they also create videos that the camera stores put online for people to watch. Eventbrite usually puts these training events online. For example, there is a Canon sponsored Free Online Class, “Learn the buttons and the dials of your Canon camera. What do they do and when would we use them,” scheduled for 2/23 at 6 pm. When you click the link to find the class checkout Eventbrite to see what other classes may be of interest to you. Although Adobe is a company that is the leader in post-processing software, they also cover photography on their website. After all, 90% of their business comes from photographers.

Although it sounds like JCC’s schedule is not a good match for yours, keep us in mind should your schedule change.

Tanya Metaksa
JCC Education Chair

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