Kanapaha Gardens – April 13, 2019








Kanapaha Botanical Gardens (Gainesville, Florida) is comprised of 24 major collections visually accessible from a 1 ½ mile paved walkway. These include the state’s largest public display of bamboos and the largest herb garden in the Southeast. Some of Kanapaha’s gardens are organized taxonomically; others demonstrate principles of ecology or natural selection.  Kanapaha’s signature plants include a premier stand of Chinese royal bamboo (Wong Chuk).

The Gardens open at 9:00 AM.  Admission to the garden is $10.  The clubs outing is scheduled from 9:00 – 12:30 at which time we will depart for lunch at BJ’s Restaurant & Brew House .  For those wishing to stay longer, the gardens do permit picnic baskets.  Alternatively, keep your receipt and you can go out to lunch and return.

Thanks to all that attended!  Below is gallery for your photos:

JCC Members Photo Gallery

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Kanapaha Gardens Website and Kanapaha Gardens Map

Kanapaha Map Information (Google)

Directions to BJ’s

Host Contact Information:

  • Host: Anita Fanic
  • Email: anitafanic@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 215-317-7663

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