Loss of a Great Friend

Jim Lowell

His favorite candid.

We have just lost a great friend. Someone who was something different to every one of us that knew him. Photoshop guru to some, Lightroom guru to others, mentor to some (like me), and friend to all. Basically though, he was a great friend to the club. But you all know that so I won’t list all of the things that he did. Aside from the actual positions that he held, and board meetings and Christmas parties that he hosted, he upgraded all of us with his fine photography, professionalism, and extreme gentleness. Jim has earned a well deserved seat on the board of the great photography club in the sky. Rest in peace my friend,


1 thought on “Loss of a Great Friend”

  1. Jim was strong yet gentle. Jim was demanding yet considerate. Jim was always ready to help you. Jim was dependable. Jim was a fine photographer. Jim explained things with more precision and fewer words than anyone. The club is better for Jim’s having been a member—much better.

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