JCC Scores Five Blue Ribbons in F3C Digital

The Jacksonville Camera Club won five blue ribbons and eight yellow ribbons in the Florida Camera Club Council’s (F3C) first triannual digital contest of 2016. The winning images for the blue are:

2015_07_23_IMG_7730-1stqtr-digitalCharise Tanner’s Finally I Get One


Duffy McCoy’s The Comfort of Friends

Down-in-the-ValleyBronwyn Horvath’s Down in the Valley


DolefulDon Dymer’s Doleful


Penetrating-ReflectionJon Montigny’s Pentrating Reflection

Additionally the following Yellow Ribbons were won as noted:


  • Charise Tanner’s The Last Stand  – Color A
  • Charise Tanner’s Fox Kits – Color A
  • Marek Pawlowicz’s Lunch Time – Color A
  • Gordon Ira’s Great Egret Hunting – Mono
  • Bronwyn Horvath’s Old Florida Afternoon – Mono
  • Chuck Shealy’s Working the Gallatin – Documentary
  • Julius Dean’s Say Cheese! – Documentary
  • Young McQueen’s Clachnearat Moment – Documentary

The Florida Camera Club Council is an organization of fifty or so Florida camera clubs. They hold digital and print contests that the members of the Jacksonville Camera Club are free to enter. See complete details and schedules on their site. You may also see all result details and all entrants on their site.
Congratulations all.

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