JCC Outing Darrel Joseph Still Life Workshop

 Darrel Joseph's  Still Life Workshop

Onions 600 400
Good-Photographty 600 400

Join us as Darrel Joseph and guests help us improve our skills in still life photography.


Shepherd of the Woods Church
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August 20, 2016
9 A.M. – Noon



Darrel Joseph, Outing Leader
and Technical Advisor
Home:(904) 268-4146
Cell:     (904) 514-9861
Email:  darreljax@comcast.net


Robert Stevinson and Suzanne Magee will be at the outing to help
with the arrangement of your items.   Both are skilled in making
artistic designs.   If you prefer not to set up a still life of your own, please bring your camera and use other people's sets or watch and learn!

Window light is available.

Submitted images can be viewed using the
link below:
JCC Images from Still Life Outing


What Should I Bring  ??

Bring your own lights.  A simple flexible desk lamp,a utility light,"hot lights", Studio Strobes, LED lights, etc.

Bring an extension cord (just in case)

Bring a tripod (unless you are using strobes)

Bring a backdrop: a tri-folding foam board works well, otherwise you will need a background holder also.

Bring your collection of objects to photograph.

Bring your camera.

There will be some setup items to share with you if you do not want to bring your own.

Your Thoughts

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Outing Photo Contest

Each member attending the outing may submit one image  for the contest.    Upload your contest entry with the link below.
In the title, please add the following:

title, first initial last name
example    still life 1,pcope
jegs Please

The "Best of the Best" will be judged by Darrel Joseph and
announced at a later meeting.

One Image For Contest Dropittome        Password:  KeepStill

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