JCC MEETING MINUTES – December 5, 2018 – SOTW

Brian Leonard opened meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Banquet Update – Brian Leonard – still have members that attended last year that needs to sign up for this year.

Treasurer Report – Jim Jordan – none

New Member Initiative – Brian Leonard – Open Positions – Attendance, Greeters, Outings and Digital Chairs (train and take over in Spring) Craig Sheir offered to help to upload to the website. List of responsibilities.

New Member/Guest Introduction – Jennifer Thompson – One guest Rico Agreda – it was Sylvia’s nephew.

F3C Update – Julius Dean – reminder – 2nd meeting in January hosting judging for the F3C Annual Competition.

Outings – Anita Fanic – December 15th Christmas Party 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. – BYOB and sign up. It is at 6000 on the River at San Jose Blvd. Code – 0501 will ring phone to get into the gate. Make sure that you have either Sylvia’s number or Anita’s number if you can’t get an answer.

Raffle – Anita Fanic – 50/50 = $22.50 to club

$22.50 to Lloyd Granat

People’s Choice – Tina Jordan – Guest Dianne Halstead – People’s Choice Sponsor – District membership for PSA – provided mugs for winners of people’s choice

December’s Theme is “Graffiti anywhere”
1st place – Irene Ward – School Bus Graveyard
2nd place – Paula Griffin – What Nightmares are Made of
3rd place – Doug Griffin – Keeping it Weird

January’s theme is Cell phone – Abstract
February’s theme is Shoes/Foot Apparrel

Next Meeting’s Program – January 2nd – 2019 Annual Update – Swearing in of 2019 Officers and President’s Annual Update

John Neel – reminded members to get prints from the 2018 quarters for the Annual Competition into the annual.

Tonight’s Meeting Program – Jan Vallely – 4th Quarter Digital Results – Judge Ginger Sheridan (several of her students from her classes)

General – 1st Pace – Richard Bryce – Eye of the Wise
2nd Place – Bronwyn Horvath – Light From Above
3rd Place – Brian Leonard – Mt. Grinnell
4th Place – Bronwyn Horvath – The Milky Way
Keith Garrett – Monument Valley
Bill McSherry – Bridge of Lights
Celia Carson – Brisk Swim
Sylvia Agreda – Trucky

Black & White Cityscape
1st Place – Bill McSherry – Storm Clouds Over Jacksonville
2nd Place – Young McQueen – Bridge Rising
3rd Place – Julius Dean – Throgg’s Neck
4th Place – Celia Carson – Glowing Space Needle

Fred Raiford – Vancouver, City of Glass
Sylvia Agreda – My Church

1st Place – Robert Clark – A Show of Hands
2nd Place – Kathy Jaworski – Inside the Spiral
3rd Place – Jan Vallely – Change
4th Place – Keith Garrett – Leaf with Colors

Jon Montigny – Pews
Bill McSherry – Industrial Shadows
Julius Dean – Synchrony

Meeting was adjorned at 8:25 p.m.

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