JCC Library Silent Auction

JCC Library Liquidation


JCC hard book library is being dismantled due to low member interest.

In order to give members the opportunity to purchase the library books, we are holding a silent auction during the month of March.


                    How Does the Bidding Work?

Open the Auction Bidding Form below.

Enter the title and the dollar amount of your book choice on the bidding form.   The minimum bid is $1.00.

If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you will pay $1 more than the second highest bid.   Example:   You bid $8 on an Adobe PS title and the next highest bid is $5.  You win the bid and will pay $6 for the book.

If the winning bid is under $5 the winner will pay the exact amount.  If the winning bid is over $5, the second highest bid rule is applied.   In case of a tie, the earliest bidder wins the bid.

You may bid on as many books as you wish.  If you decide to increase your submitted bid on a book, simply complete the entry form for the title again.

Bid amounts are in whole dollar only and payment to the JCC Treasurer must be in cash or check at the end of the auction.

This is a blind auction for members only.   No bid results will be disclosed until the auction is completed.  The JCC President and Library Chair may submit bids prior to March 1 only.


To open list of JCC library books:      Sign in JCC website / Click on Resources /JCC Library / Let's Visit the JCC Library / Upper right-hand corner, click Hard Copy Library

Most books have a link to the content, author, etc., of the opening JCC Library page.




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  1. If a JCC member #1 makes a bid that is lower than the highest bidder at the time, will member #1 be notified that the bid is too low, so that member can make a higher bid? If so, how does that work if “No bid results will be disclosed until the auction is completed.”

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