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Please use this form for your annual contact information verification. You may pay here (online via credit card) or create a form for mail or in-person payment directly to the JCC Treasurer.

If you joined last year and are making a partial payment for this year, please click here and select "Partial Dues" from the "Purpose for Payment" box.

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Your credit card number is not saved on the JCC Website. This links to the Stripe Processing site. For this reason you will need to add your credit card information every time you make a purcshase through the JCC Webiste. Thaks for using this service. We hope it is easier for all concerned.

The term, "Key" Member is the person paying the dues (if by credit card). For a Family Membership it can be either member but when you have a mixed situation with oneĀ  life member and one regular member the key member is charged the $40 and the second member is charged the $20 fee. You decide how to distribute. For families with two Life Members please complete the form even if no dues are payable.
This will get simpler over time but we have to start somewhere. You suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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