January 2nd Meeting: ICM Mini Workshop by Anita Fanic

Anita Fanic, “Flaming Bromeliad”

Our 1st meeting for 2020 will be held on Thursday, Jan.2nd. Please make note of the change in day.

I will be providing a mini workshop discussing my various techniques in ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) Photography. I will start with about a 20 minute talk on my techniques in the main room. Then we will proceed to one of the other smaller meeting rooms where I will have table setups for you to try out these techniques. Please bring your cameras with lenses that have the capability of zooming. A long lens is not needed since we will be fairly close to the subject matter. You can use a fixed lens but you will be limited to certain motions. You may also bring a variable ND filter but it may not be needed depending on the light source in the room. Please do not bring a tripod. This technique is to teach the freedom of handholding and creating images from camera motion.

I hope to see all of you there and let’s have some fun! -Anita

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