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My last two blog posts have concentrated on upcoming classes and tutorials that seemed to bloom in March and April. This post I will be talking about classes that are available through the Jacksonville Public Library. Linkedin Learning has lots of classes available online including photography and post processing. By going through the Jacksonville Public Library you can view those classes. The link is here. When you get to the page you will see under Digital Library Lynda.com. Click on Go to Resource and you will be on the Lynda.com page. After you put in your library card number and your password you will find a listing of classes. Choose Photography and the first class you will see is Photoshop 2021 Essential Training: the Basics. It is given by Julieanne Kost, an Adobe Evangelist, and another of my favorite post-processing gurus. As an Adobe employee she is extremely knowledgeable in all things Adobe and additionally she has a charming style of teaching.

For those of you who feel that they have issues with using Photoshop or as one member told me, they use Lightroom, but Photoshop is not user friendly, this class should be very helpful. The 2021 version has quite a few new bell and whistles so it should be a rewarding class to take at your leisure.

But if you are looking for other educational material there are loads of classes on Lynda.com and it is all free through the https://jaxpubliclibrary.org/digital-library.

List of upcoming online Tutorials and Events

Tutorial DateTimeTopicClass TitlePresenter/TeacherCostHow to access 
2021-05-01 thru 2021-05-31anytime* Miscellaneous TipsPhotoshopBen WillmoreFREEWATCH
2021-04-26 thru 2021-05-02anytimePhotoshopTransplanting CloudsBen WillmoreFREE for a week and then it disappearsWATCH
2021-05-03 thru 2021-05-0730 hours of classes over 5 daysLightroomLightroom Summit20 different teachersFREE to watch, pay to keepSIGN UP
2021-05-0512:00 NoonFlash PhotographyFlash Photography Crash Course
Pye Jirsa (Creative Live)FREE to watch, pay to keepWATCH
2021-05-051:00 PMTravel PhotographyLight PaintingEric Pare & Kim Henry with PhotopillsFREEWATCH
2021-05-1212:00 NoonPhotographyLearning from OuttakesTim GreyFREEWATCH
2021-05-1312:00 NoonCompositing in PhotoshopRetouching and Compositing 360ยบ Photos in Photoshop
Chris Converse
Chris Converse (Creative Live)FREE to watch, pay to keepWATCH

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