Jacksonville Camera Club Minutes of Meeting- March 5, 2019 – SOTW

Brian Leonard called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m..

Introduction of Guests/New Members – Doug Griffin

Richard Krygowski

Sharon Argus

Michelle Argus

Ted Floore

Time Laborde

William Ingalabe

Digital Update – 2nd qtr. – Jon Montigny – Q2 submissions is open from 3/1/19 to 3/31/19 digital results on May 15, 2019 – themes General, Monochrome, Street Photography. If any of the members have names of judges for competitions please submit them to Jon.

Salvation Army donation – Carolyn Peppiatt – will be accepting pictures at the next meeting for Salvation Army to be in blind auction – print should be matted and signed by member on front of the image.

F3C – Julius Dean – Ribbons for print – Caroline Peppiatt – Blue and Julius Dean also received Blue Ribbon. The F3C digital competition is open.

PSA – Paula Griffin – International and U.S. – member of PSA as a club – photobook – 7/27 this year printed book for prizes also they are presenting a 365 day challenge.

Glennie Update – Craig Sheir – Merrick Intentiaonal Salon only can submit 10 images and no more than 2 per member. Judging will be April 6th. Under the same rules as PSA.

Outings – Anita Fanic – March 23rd – Ravine Gardens has been changed to Sugar Mill Ruins with lunch, Flagler/Volusia County/New Symnia Beach/Port Orange Blelouw. April outing to Charleston has been cancelled and outing TBD at a later date either before Easter or after.

Raffle – Anita Fanic – 50/50 = $39.00 = 19.50 = club and 19.50 to Karen Sirnick.

People’s Choice – Tina Jordan

March Theme “Wheels”

1st Place          –           Karen Sirnick –           Outspoken

2nd Place         –           Anita Fanic     –           Wheel and Shdow

3rd Place          –           Paula Griffin   –           Dream Wheeler

April Theme is – Peeling Paint – cell phone image

May Theme is – Disappearing Technology

June – Spanish Moss


Tonight’s Meeting Program for March 5th is 1st qtr digital results – Judge – Mary Atwood

Environmental Portraiture

1st Place          –           Paula Griffin               –           On their Final Leg

2nd Place         –           Julius Dean                 –           Behind Bars

3rd Place          –           Charise Tanner           –           The Leather Apprentice

4th Place          –           Paula Griffin               –           Competitive Spirit

Honors                        –           Kathy Jaworski           –           A Man and His Horse

Bronwyn Horvath       –           Having a Giggle

Caroline Peppiatt        –           Squirrel Hunter


1st Place          –           Celia Carson               –           Wildflowers of the Columbia River

2nd Place         –           Jan Vallely                 –           Calm

3rd Place          –           Celia Carson               –           Jewel of Slovenia

4th Place          –           Paula Griffin               –           Crossing the Sahara

Honors           –           Charise Tanner           –           Old Lady of the Valley

Marek Pawlowizc       –           Nutcracker

Chuck Shealy              –           Auburn Beauty


1st Place          –           Doug Griffin               –           Grand Portal

2nd Place         –           Bill McSherry             –           Parking Garage Architecture

3rd Place          –           Robert Clark               –           The Laundress’ Cabin

4th Place          –           Young McQueen        –           City in the Sky

Honors             –           Robert Clark               –           Chickee Interior

Julius Dean                 –           1604 Broadway

Charise Tanner           –          Symetry and Asymetry Meet in the Middle

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m..

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