Jacksonville Camera Club Minutes of Meeting – June 5, 2019 – SOTW

Brian Leonard called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m…

Members and Guests – remember to sign in so the information can be given to Secretary for points.

New Members/Guest Information – Greeters – Irene Ward, Craig Shier
Mike McCarthy – joined tonight?
David James

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Jordan – Nothing to report

PSA Update – Paula Griffin not in attendance

F3C Update – Julius Dean – nothing to report

Print Competition Update – Caroline Peppiatt – Website is having difficulty with Digital Files of Print Entries for 2nd Qtr Competition. Those with print entries are asked to email the corresponding digital files directly to Caroline. Everyone that needs to do so should have received an email request from Caroline by now.

Digital Competition – Reminder – 3rd Quarter is now open for entries from June 1st thru June 30th. Themes are Club Outings, Hands, and Boats and Water Structures. See website for more information.

Brian Leonard – presented a new photography book he purchased: “Landscape Photography” by Scott Kelby

Brian Leonard – asking everyone to keep John Neel in our thoughts and prayers as he undergoes some medical issues

Brian Leonard – announcement – Church is having a social picnic Saturday, June 22, 2:00-5:00. JCC members have been invited to attend with no obligation to take photos. A group shot of the Church congregation will be taken by Stephen Smith.

Stephen Smith – has suggested a change in the location of our “Meeting after the Meeting” (social gathering after regular Wednesday night club meetings). Location is “Miller’s Alehouse” at the Avenues Mall, near intersection of Phillips Hwy and Southside Blvd. Some menus were passed around to view.

Outings – June outing will be June 15, at Mickler’s Beach lead by Craig Monroe. This is an extension of tonight’s Program presentation on “Natural Light Portrait Photography”. Members should plan to arrive by 6:00. There will be one or two models and Brian’s grandchildren. Anyone taking photos of the 2 models are asked to provide remuneration of $10-20. Anita asked for a show of hands of members planning to attend outing. Brian Leonard will be sending out more information.

Brian Leonard – Items of note from Board Meeting held May 8th. By-Law changes will require passing a membership vote to be held at July 17 General Meeting.

Effective with new year 2020 – Digital Competition will alter the 3 quarterly Categories to General, People Related, and Nature Related. People and Nature categories will additionally have Themes assigned by which to further define the image requirement.

Effective with the new year 2020 the Time constraint of an image being taken within the last two years plus current year is removed from the Digital Competition entries.

Banquet Ticket – Club will increase its stipend for each ticket to $10.

By Law Amendments – More detailed info to be made available on the website/post.
• Members of the Elections Nominating Committee shall have been a member of the club long enough to have working knowledge of the club and positions
being filled
• If a member of the Nominating Committee is nominated for one of the positions, he/she can no longer serve on that committee. Therefore
alternate committee member must be appointed by majority vote of the current officers and directors.

• Changes in term limits for officers and directors have been proposed. Details to be forthcoming.

Raffle – Anita Fanic – 50/50 = $52.00; $26.00 to club and $26.00 to Kathy Jaworski.

Craig Monroe – announced the passing of longtime member Marianne Pophal, aged 83, in May.

People’s Choice – Tina Jordan – June’s Theme – Spanish Moss –July’s theme will be Environmental Trash by cell phone and August theme will be Hands.

1st Place – Savannah Blues – Karen Sirnick
2nd Place – River Moss – Tim Labore
2nd Place – Moss Overload – Stephen Smith
3rd Place – Moss Framed Hawk – Lloyd Granat

Tonight’s Meeting Program – “Natural Light Portrait Photography” – Craig Monroe

Next Meeting – June 19th – Second Quarter Print Competition Results.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m..

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