Jacksonville Camera Club Meeting Minutes – October 2, 2019 – SOTW

Brian Leonard called the meeting in order at 7:00 p.m.

New Member/Guest Introduction – Greeters – *David James – New member

Members and Guests – Remember to sign in in order to receive your point for attendance.

Treasurer – Jim Jordan – The Banquet will be February 1st and the cost will be $45/person. There was a motion of the board to increase the contribution of $10.00 per person that the club would subsidize.

Annual Banquet and Christmas Party – Brian Leonard – Annual Banquet will be Saturday, February 1, 2020 and the cost will be $4/person. The Christmas party will be Saturday, December 14th.

Website Update – Kathy Jaworski – she let the members know that the website was still up and running.

Church Activity – Unloading pumpkins October 12th 9:00 a.m… Trick or trunks October 19th 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m… Need volunteers from the club to volunteer to take pictures for the church. Brian will be the contact person to let know if you can come out and shoot.

Brags – Brian Leonard – Darrel Joseph – submitted 3 images to Fuji and that 2 of the 3 that he submitted will appear in the October 16th in New York Grand Central.

Outings – Fall Outing Rebecca Janssen reported that the leaves are peaking at the time the club will be there and that we have 9 to 10 members going. Will be sending out the itinerary of the days that members are in N.C. and that Rebecca will be sending all the info out by email.

Caroline Peppiatt will be collecting 4th qtr prints at the next meeting.

Volunteers Needed – Christmas Party, Banquet Assistance – Will be sending out in email blast information on the Christmas Party and Banquet and if any one wants to volunteer please let Brian Leonard, Jim Jordan – Banquet, or Anita Fanic – Christmas party aware that you would like to volunteer.

Raffle – Anita Fanic – 50/50 = $40.00 = @20.00 to club and $20.00 to Darrel Joseph.

Scott Kelby photo walk this weekend – first weekend in October – give a call to join up.

People’s Choice – Tina Jordan – October Theme – Tombstones and Grave Markers
1st place – Paula Griffin
2nd place – Robert Clark
3rd place – Richard Bryce
November’s theme – Weathered Wood
December’s theme – Repetition of Objects
January’s theme – Music
Next Meeting Program – October 16th – Monochrome results

Tonight’s Meeting Program – October 2nd – 3rd Quarter digital results
JCC Outings
1st place – Reaching for the Sky – Craig Shier
2nd place – Wind Gliding – Irene Ward
3rd place – Spiritual Moment – Irene Ward
4th place – The Kayaker – Jim Grutu
Honors – Rising tide – Bronwyn Horvath
Seaside Suzy – Julius Dean
Smokey Mountain Creek – Brian Leonard
Boats and Water Structures
1st place – First Responders Venetian Style – Celia Carson
2nd place – Maine Attraction – Julius Dean
3rd place – Rowing Towards the Sunset – Anita Fanic
4th place – Gone Fishing – Marek Pawlowicz
Honors – Deconstructed Boat House – Robert Clark
Quite Morning – Karen Sirnick
Yellow Jacket – Rick Hartmann
Homeward in the Fog – Young McQueen
1st place – Hands Tell the Story – Anita Fanic
2nd place – Boot Maker – Naela McCarten
3rd place – Holding Up the World – Bronwyn Horvath
4th place – Magic Harpist – Doug Griffin
Honors – Spinning the Wool – Charise Tanner
Sign Here – Chuck Shealy
Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m…

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