Jacksonville Camera Club Meeting Minutes November 20, 2019 – SOTW

Taken by Kathy Jaworski
Meeting Start Time: 7:01

1. New Member/Guest Introduction – Greeters
a. Tim (former member, will re-join)

2. Members and Guests – Remember to sign in

3. Treasurer – Jim Jordan – The Banquet will be Feb 1st and the cost will be $45/person.
a. 6 weeks until final head count due

4. Don Dymer – 2020 program chair
a. Introduced concept of 10 min. “tech talks” that will be incorporated into all meetings, asked for volunteers to share knowledge

b. Send email to Don if you’d like to volunteer or have an idea for a tech talk doubledee@me.com

5. Other announcements – Jim Jordan

a. President’s Award – send suggestions to Brian Leonard

b. New club computer & projector – new in box, not used

6. Annual Banquet and Christmas Party – Anita Fanic, The Christmas party will be Saturday, Dec 14th, 6pm to 9pm

a. Registration on the Outings Post

b. The Party Place, Orange Park

c. Potluck & BYOB

d. Asking for volunteers to help with set up

7. Website Update – Kathy Jaworski

a. Reminder re: Annual Banquet Sign Up form on Main Menu

b. Reminder re: Annual Christmas Party Sign Up form on Outings Post

c. Nominating Committee: Motion to present nomination for VP for a minimum term of 6 months as Lloyd Granat
i. Seconded by: Jim Jordan
ii. Approved by vote, show of hands by majority in attendance (no votes in opposition)

8. F3C – Julius Dean
a. Ribbons distributed

b. Digital comp open through end of November

c. Prints due tonight & next meeting

9. Raffle – Anita Fanic

a. Sylvia Agreda – $27.00

10. People’s Choice – Tina Jordan – Dec Theme – Repetition of Objects

11. Tonight’s Meeting Program – November 20th – Q4 Digital Results
a. Judge: Ginger Sheridan & Jacksonville University Students

i. Category: Be Creative
1. 1st: Spreading my wings, Anita Fanic
2. 2nd: Frozen Song of Winter, Young McQueen
3. 3rd: Standing out in a crowd, Patrick McCormack
4. 4th: Primal Land to Sea, Paula Griffin
5. Honors: Time Warp, Rickey Carter
6. Honors: Celebration, Gail Means

ii. Category: Shots in the Dark
1. 1st: Is anyone out there, Celia Carson
2. 2nd: Baxter at Night, James Gutru
3. 3rd:Reaching Out, Rickey Carter
4. 4th: Tinkerbell July 4th, Jon Montigny
5. Honors: Sunset Icon, Patrick McCormack
6. Honors:Black Crowned Crane, Jon Montigny
7. Honors: The Speed of Dusk, Kathy Jaworski

iii. Category: General
1. 1st: From the steps of the Chefchaouen, Paula Griffin
2. 2nd: Crystal Sunrise, Duffy McCoy
3. 3rd: Merritt Island Dragonfly, Jon Montigny
4. 4th: The View, Don Dymer
5. Honors: Prairie Windmill, James Gutru
6. Honors: Romance Novel Cover, Celia Carson
7. Honors: Arising from the Mountains, Rick Hartmann
8. Honors: Outback Sunset, Tanya Metaska
9. Honors: House on the Hill, Kathy Jaworski

12. Next Meeting Program – December 6th– Q4 Print Results

Meeting End Time: 8:08 p.m..

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